A group of child care providers learned what to do if there’s an active shooter in their facility. The training was hosted by Child Care Aware of Kansas.

“We barricaded with everything we could and we used sand bags and shelves,” said Christine Turner. “We learned to develop new ideas for emergency plans. What’s the best route to take if there’s an active shooter.”

Turner is the owner of the Manchester School for Young Childen in Topeka. She’s one of more than 20 providers taking part in the training.

“When you think about where kids are spending their waking hours it’s largely in the hands of child care providers,” said Andrew Roszak, an instructor with Child Care Aware of America

While Roszak teaches the classic “run, hide, fight” he says it’s not as simple as it seems.

“When we say hide, we don’t just hide and hope. Hiding is much more effective if we do barricading. If we do ways to secure our facility,” said Roszak.

Turner and the other providers are expected to take what they learned and apply it to their individual facilities.