The First United Methodist Church of Manhattan set up a fund on Tuesday to help people affected by the partial government shutdown. 

The church set aside $15,000 in aid to help people who need help with their medical bills, mortgages and various other payments. 

People can get a no-interest loan or a one-time grant if they show need. They do not have to be members of the church, or even of the faith, according to Pastor Troy Bowers. 

“A family needs $500, we loan them $500,” said Bowers. “Hopefully they get their paycheck in the near future and can repay the church, and then we can use it to help other people.”  

This comes after the church was approached by it’s members looking to help people without their paychecks during this time. 

“We don’t sign a contract,” said Bowers. “or put anyone’s name on a dotted line, it’s all honor system. If they can repay it great, if they can’t that’s fine too.” 

The church is taking donations for the fund. You can get involved by writing a check to First United Methodist Church with Barnabas in the memo line. It can be submitted directly to the church at 612 Poyntz Ave., in Manhattan.