Local couple gives up their jobs to keep daughter safe

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The coronavirus outbreak forced a local family to make the tough choice to give up their paychecks to lower the risk of spreading the virus to a loved one.

Both Clayton and Danine Stonerock used to work at Junction City’s Super 8 Hotel. Now like so many others they’re out of a job, but for them it was a choice they felt they had to make for the safety of their family.

“We already know how our daughter’s health is, so as soon as they started talking about all this we started to get concerned about all the stuff that could happen,” Clayton Stonerock said.

That’s because their daughter Anna has a lung condition that would make coronavirus really dangerous for her. Their pediatrician gave them some advice to stay safe.

“She’s like, ‘I seriously recommend and advise you guys not to return to work until the stay at home order is done,'” Danine Stonerock said.

So the couple made the difficult choice to not go back to work at the Super 8 Hotel.

“We are just kind of sitting here now, since Saturday, not knowing exactly what’s going to happen,” Clayton Stonerock said.

They don’t know if they’ll get their jobs back once this is all over.

“Even if we don’t get to go back to work here, we have to go month’s without income, I wouldn’t change my mind for anything,” Danine Stonerock said.

“Our two children’s health comes before us,” Clayton Stonerock said.

For now they’re staying positive.

“Be smart, and we have to be kind to each other.” Danine Stonrock said. “The only way we’re gonna get through this is everybody work together.”

The family is also planning a virtual birthday party for Anna, who turns 10 on Thursday.

The Stonerocks also have a teenage son who is still working at a drive-thru restaurant. But he’s doing his part to keep his sister safe too. He’s moved into the family’s garage for the time being, until it’s safe to be near everyone again.

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