Local couple shares warning after losing unborn baby in crash

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A local couple has a warning for drivers after wet roads led to an accident that cost them the life of their unborn baby boy.

When Sara Roberts started her drive home from work last Thursday, she never imagined she’d end up at the hospital. But then the wet roads on I-70 caused her car to spin out of control, and Sara went over the median and crashed into a truck.

Her husband Bryce said when he got to the hospital it was hard to see his wife so badly hurt.

“You hurt for them, you don’t physically feel their pain but you feel their pain in other ways, emotions and things,” Roberts said, “Thanking God that she was alive, praying to God she’d be able to walk and live a normal life again.”

It was after days of recovery at the hospital that doctors told them the baby boy they had been expecting for 5 months wouldn’t make it.

“As much as it hurts to lose the baby, I’m glad I didn’t lose both of them,” Roberts said. “It’s still pretty fresh. It’s like a big open wound right now. I think time will tell how we handle it. Hopefully we’re strong enough to get over it and not have an impact on our mental health. It’s definitely a traumatic experience.”

Now they’re mourning the loss of the baby they named Lincoln and focusing on helping Sara heal. As they do that they hope others can learn from their story.

“I was like, if I can help one person. If I can get one person to slow down when the rain comes, it’s worth it,” Roberts said. “It’s not worth trying to get there one minute faster, it’s just not.”

If you want to help the Roberts as they recover, you can find a link to a GoFundMe here.

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