SILVER LAKE (KSNT) – A Silver Lake dog is recovering after a neighbor shot it in the face.

Lucy, the now two-year-old red setter spent the last year adjusting to life as a blind dog. Her owners had to add extra safety precautions around the house.

“She was pretty shell-shocked at first. It took her a long time to start wagging her tail, and to bark,” said Lucy’s owner Dian Workman.

Lucy slowly got her fun personality back, after a neighbor shot her in the face last August. John Stover told KSNT last year how he meant to shoot a warning shot and ended up shooting Lucy. He said he was trying to spook the dog to get her off his property.

Lucy had to undergo surgery and is now blind. Even though she can enjoy life now, there are still reminders of what she went through, as bullet shrapnel is still embedded in her face.

“Lucy’s really the victim, but it’s really affected our lives quite a bit,” Workman said. “We have to watch where she goes and make sure she doesn’t get out the door.”

Stover is set to have a jury trial in August.

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