Local education association urges boards of education to increase teacher’s salaries

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The Kansas National Education Association’s (KNEA) over 200,000 members are urging local boards of education to increase teacher salaries, according to Marcus Baltzell, KNEA Communications Director.

This is in reaction to the Kansas Legislature’s recent approval of funding for the state’s 286 school districts during the 2019 legislative session.

“We’re calling on every district to invest in teachers and those staff members who work most closely with our students,” KNEA President Mark Farr said. “We have funding certainty, and our educators deserve to be compensated for their dedication to our students and the profession. Teachers are professionals who shouldn’t need to work two, and sometimes three jobs to make ends meet.”

Kansas fell from 40th in 2016-2017 to 41st in 2017-2018 for average teacher salary, according to the most recent National Education Association’s annual Ranking and Estimates Reports

Neighboring states, such as Oklahoma, are investing in teacher’s salaries with the 2018-2019 estimates placing every state above Kansas. Oklahoma ranked 50th in 2016-2017, and is estimated to rank above Kansas.

For 2018-2019, the average teacher salary is estimated to be $49,800 in Kansas, $50,064 in Missouri, $52,412 in Oklahoma, $53,301 in Colorado and $54,506 in Nebraska.

“If Kansas does not prioritize teacher salaries, we will remain behind all four of our surrounding states,” Farr said. “If we respect teachers and the dedication these professionals have shown during the last decade, then let us invest in our students by investing in our teachers who are the one resource that impacts learning and achievement the most.”

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