Local family rushes to help kids, while neighboring house burns

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A local family isn’t sleeping under their own roof this week after a fire destroys almost everything. It happened just after 4:00 a.m. Sunday at 1104 Western Avenue.

The scene of a fire at this address is all too familiar because the Smith family, who lives right behind the burned home, said the fire Sunday morning was not the first one that’s happened at the home.

“I knew that they were displaced from a previous fire,” Alan Smith said.

Meanwhile, the Davis family next door to 1104 Western Avenue, was sleeping just inches away from the burning home.

“I just saw the flames and went over there to help, and she [Mrs. Davis] was kind of panicked and said, ‘What do I do’ and I said you wake up the kids lets go!” Alan Smith said.

“I can see from my porch a glimpse of one of the little girls just standing in the doorway, so I kind of just dropped my phone, put my coat on, and just ran over there,” Melisa Smith added.

“I was scared,” Haley Davis said of smelling the smoke in her home and looking outside to see her neighbors house fully engulfed. “I was really scared. I didn’t know if it was going to catch on, and if the fire department didn’t get here fast enough if it would catch onto our house.”

While flames took control of the home at 1104 Western Avenue, smoke was filling the Davis’ home at the same time. That gave Melisa just one thought.

“Nothing but the kids. It was hot, I could see the flames, but nothing else mattered but getting them out of that house.”

Melisa and Alan brought the kids to her house to get some sleep and breakfast.

Now, while both families look over at what use to be their neighbors house, Melisa is grateful.

“All their stuff is destroyed and they lost everything in their home, but I’m thankful that they weren’t there and the kids next door are safe because it could have been a lot worse.”

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