Local family shares love of the Chiefs for more than 50 years

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – It’s a great time to be a Chiefs fan with the team heading to the Super Bowl. It’s even more special for some local fans who have been waiting a long time for this.

For the Norton family, loving the Chiefs is a family tradition. It all started with Dave Norton’s dad.

“He got season tickets in 1968, and we’ve had them ever since. This is our 52nd year,” Norton said.

They’ve been fans through the good and the bad.

“We’d be out there in the 80s, with nothing going on, losing, playing awful. We had to stay to the bitter end,” Norton said, “He’d say ‘We’re not going. We paid for the tickets, we’re sitting here.'”

A lifelong memory for the Nortons was when the Chiefs won the Super Bowl in 1970. The win isn’t really why Dave remembers the game. It’s about what happened at home before the game.

“My brother and I went to play with a rocket car and I got hit and there was just blood everywhere and I had to have stitches,” Norton said. “My mom came in, she was telling my dad we have to take him to the hospital. My dad was like, ‘You’re going to take him, the Super Bowl is on in a minute.'”

They cut it pretty close, but they were able to make it home from the emergency room just in time to watch the Chiefs beat the Vikings.

While the scar has faded, the family love for the Chiefs is obvious. Especially for Dave’s dad.

“He was a die-hard fan. He has a brick out there,” Norton said, “When he passed away we put his ashes out there.”

Win or lose at Super Bowl 54, the Nortons will continue to pass on the family love for the Chiefs.

“I will always be a Chiefs fan. I mean all those years we walked away losing playoffs and never even blinked about ‘Yep time to renew’,” Norton said, “I mean we’re in our third generation so you know, you don’t give up.”

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