Local fireworks stands urging people to buy early due to national shortage

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – The 4th of July is less than a week away and fireworks sales are booming. Some stands could potentially sell out even before the holiday weekend because of a national shortage.

A manager at Jake’s Fireworks in north Topeka recommended not to buy everything at the last minute.

“It’s just a ripple effect of what’s been going on in our country for the last year and a half,” Jennie Watson, the store manager at Jake’s Fireworks in north Topeka said.

Jake’s Fireworks is based out of Pittsburg, Kansas and they have stores all over Shawnee County. They said they are stocked up due to its size, but some smaller stands around town might not be as lucky. Most stores received around 20% less than what they ordered.

“We are hoping for early shoppers just because it is easier to restock and have time to restock when people are coming and shopping early,” Watson said. “So we do encourage that.”

Jake’s Fireworks said after talking with other places around town, smaller kids’ toys like sparklers and snakes are in high demand. Most shoppers are ready for Independence Day, but also worried about keeping some fan favorites stocked too.

“It used to be all the small stuff when I was younger but now it’s more shells, fountains and just the bigger stuff,” James Sunday, a shopper at Jake’s Fireworks said.

Fireworks sales started on Sunday, June 27 in Shawnee County and will open on June 29 within Topeka city limits.

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