Local freshman designs prosthetic finger for younger student

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MAYETTA, Kan. (KSNT) – One local sixth grader is getting a new finger thanks to an ambitious older student.

Royal Valley Middle School student Jasmine Kahbeah came out of the womb with the membrane of the amniotic sac stuck around her finger, rendering it unusable.

Doctors offered removal of the finger as an option to Jasmine’s mother, but it didn’t cause any harm to her daughter’s health. She opted not to.

Jasmine is used to doing most activities with just one hand, but one new hobby she hoped to pursue required both: playing the flute. She said she couldn’t reach all the keys without her two hands.

That’s where Royal Valley High School freshman Kirsten Reicherter comes in. She has been working for over a year to design a prosthetic finger with a 3-D printer.

Kirsten started working on the project in eighth grade while at the middle school, but the pair met in person just recently. Kirsten said designing the prosthetic without seeing Jasmine’s finger was challenging at first.

Now that they’ve met, they’ve formed a very special friendship.

It’s a project that keeps the freshman up all night thinking of new ideas – and she draws inspiration from a myriad of different things. Kirsten has designed and printed seven prototypes so far, but the work isn’t done yet.

Kirsten is hoping to speak with Limbitless Solutions CEO Albert Manero to hone her design.

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