Local grocery store receives thousands of dollars in donations to help with grocery giveaway

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GREENLEAF, Kan. (KSNT) — People in and around Greenleaf have helped raise thousands of dollars to get groceries delivered to those in need.

It was an idea Sara Crome and her husband Jason came up with a couple of weeks ago. They’re the owner of Crome’s Market in Greenleaf.

“I had this idea of doing a hundred dollar grocery giveaway,” said Sara.

From there, they took to social media and asked people to nominate someone for the giveaway.

Little did they know, they weren’t the only ones who wanted in on giving back.

“Before we drew, one of my customers asked if she could donate $50 if we draw a second name,” Jason said. “Well absolutely. We’ll help as many people as we can.”

Within the span of just a couple weeks, what started as a $50 donation snowballed into almost $10,000 in donations from over 100 donors.

With the money, they’ve been able to deliver boxes of groceries to more than 80 people in Greenleaf and other nearby towns.

One of those recipients was Kathleen Metcalf.

“It’s really going to help because times are getting harder and harder, especially when I won’t go out and go to the store,” Metcalf said. “I’m too scared.”

Metcalf has lung disease and is considered high risk. So having the groceries delivered to her door goes a long way.

“It’s just awesome what they’re doing for everybody,” Metcalf said.

The Cromes said being able to do this has been a very special experience for them, especially because of how it’s been embraced by the community.

“We hope that things like this continue in this area, just little acts of kindness.”

The Cromes said they’ll keep doing the deliveries as long as possible, so they can continue bringing groceries and a little joy to people’s door steps.

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