Local health expert talks coronavirus risk in Kansas

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Cases of the deadly coronavirus are popping up all over the world. A local health expert talked with KSNT News about the risk of the disease for Kansans.

The coronavirus has killed more than 80 people in china, and infected thousands more. Now it’s spread to countries across the globe, including the United States.

Craig Barnes with the Shawnee County Health Department said that doesn’t mean you should be overly concerned.

“The CDC has stated that the American public as a whole is really at a low risk. We do have 5 cases here in the United States, none here in Kansas,” Barnes said. “We’re going to continue to monitor the situation. As new information is handed down from the CDC and our partners, we’ll make sure to get that out immediately.”

In the meantime, the Shawnee County Health Department still has some recommendations to keep you healthy and safe.

“If you have not gotten vaccinated for the flu, go ahead and get vaccinated. Just kind of keep an eye out. If you notice individuals who might be sick or are exhibiting signs, limit contact with those individuals. Stay home if you’re sick. Make sure you’re washing your hands with soap and water to hopefully eliminate any potential exposure to yourself as well as your coworkers, colleagues, friends, and family,” Barnes said.

In a lot of ways the coronavirus looks like the common cold. Some of the symptoms include a runny nose headaches coughing sore throat and fever.

If you want to find out more about the disease you can find the CDC’s page here.

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