Local knitting group wants to give more than just warmth this winter

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Members of a local knitting group are turning their hobby into a gift for others.

What started as one idea, turned into a new one.

“I was knitting prayer shawls with our church up in Olathe,” Theresa Heitz said.

Heitz took a hobby and created a community of knitters at Most Pure Heart of Mary Church in Topeka.

“I decided to start doing the grandma thing, and let my auburn hair go gray and took up knitting,” Heitz recalls.

Heitz brought back the idea of knitting prayer shawls to Topeka. The group is knitting different items for several organizations like Community Action, Cancer caps, and Headstart students.

“It’s a way that we can take a hobby we enjoy to benefit other people and show Christs’ love through what we love doing,” said Heitz.

“I feel like there’s a little bit of my love going into that with every stitch,” Vicki Trembly said. “I’m hoping whatever little kid or person gets it that they’ll feel that.”

That’s really all these ladies are hoping for.

“I have felt gifted and blessed by people, so I hope that’s what people think when they wear my scarf,” Trembly said.

The ladies feel blessed even if they aren’t making the world-class knitters list.

“I always joke I’m the third-worst knitter in the state of Kansas. I’m not the worst, I’m the third worst,” Heitz laughed.

“I hope they go, ‘oh this is nice, too bad it’s crooked,'” Trembly joked as well.

The group said anyone can help them knit or donate items to their group to be given to the organizations.

You can contact Theresa by calling her at: (913) 747-8616.

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