Local leaders weigh in on United Methodist Church maintaining anti-LGBT policies

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More than 800 leaders within the United Methodist Church rejected a proposal that would allow local and regional churches to decide on LGBT- related policies. 

The decision keeps the ban on same-sex weddings and gay clergy members. 

Executive Director for the Capital City Equality Center Dan Brennan said despite the decision, he still believes local Methodist churches will be accepting of LGBT members.

“Their mission is a good one and I just wish they could have love for one another, not just declare, ‘Hey, this is a sin because they translated bible says so’,” said Brennan.

Todd seifert with Great Plains Conference of United Methodist Church in Topeka said in a statement regarding the decision:

“It’s important to note that the decisions made in St. Louis by 864 clergy and lay delegates from around the world – our church’s legislative branch – sets the policy of the church and determines church law. It’s also important to note that not everyone agrees with those decisions, just as we as Americans disagree at times with congress.”

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