TOPEKA (KSNT)- On Wednesday, local organizations took the first step in solving the ongoing homeless problem in Topeka.

More than 60 people and 45 organizations were at Bishop Professional Development Center April 5. They all went over causes and possible solutions for homelessness in Topeka.

They talked about potential causes, different things that may help the problem and what homelessness in Topeka truly looks like. The number of people in Topeka who are currently homeless has been growing every year. Putting together an event like this is the beginning of a possible solution.

“There’s over 60 organizations in the community that touch homelessness in one fashion or another, and if you’re not talking together, if you’re not trying to collaborate, you’re not going to come to a good win,” said Stephen Wade, Topeka city manager. “A lot of people were listening, we are trying to understand from each other, we are trying to learn from each other, and we’ll see where it goes.”

Wade also mentioned there was lots of passion, great ideas and meaningful conversations happening around the room. The issue of homelessness is not an easy one to fix, but the organizations in attendance want to do everything they can to help.