TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Some Topeka teachers have made the effort to go above and beyond and recognize the hard work their students are doing during this time.

Stephanie Karrer and Scott Ritter from French Middle School put together treat bags for their students and went door to door, ringing doorbells and leaving treats on their doorsteps.

Karrer and Ritter wanted to do something special for their kids to recognize the hard work they have been putting in during such hard times.

The teachers and the students both agree that it’s a great way for them to see each other and show that they still care for each other outside of the classroom.

“It was just so sudden and the lack of closure I think was really hard on a lot of us. I think both staff and students. So again, this was just an effort to try and bridge just a little bit of that and thank the kids for their continued participation and continued efforts” Ritter said.

“It was nice to see them again. I definitely, definitely miss going to school because Mr. Ritter and Ms. Karrer are probably two of my best teachers” 8th grader Noelle Eldridge said.

Karrer and Ritter spent over five hours going door to door leaving gift bags at each doorstep.