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Local veterinarian gives tips on how to keep your pet safe in the cold weather

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - While many people are trying to stay warm in these frigid temperatures, so are pets.


Veterinarians say just like us, pets can suffer from some real health problems if they're out in the cold for too long.


Pet owner Stacy Jeffress said she makes sure to keep a close eye on her dog, especially when there's snow and ice.

"I worry about his paws, " said Jeffress. "I worry about the ice melt that I put out. I make sure it's dog paw friendly and I don't ever leave him out unattended. "

Allison Crow, a veteranarian with the Animal Clinic of North Topeka 
said whether you have an indoor or outdoor pet, taking small precautions can help ensure your pet's safety when getting out in the cold.

"We have a lot of people that have brought their pets in in coats and sweaters," said Crow. "That can be really helpful just to keep body temperature warm when you're going outside. If you have dogs that are gonna be out on ice or snow, sometimes the little booties can be helpful."

That's what Dorothy Lowhorn does when taking her dog out to play during this time of year.

"She's just got her coat on," said Lowhorn. "It's lined on the inside and that kind of coat on the outside, so she's good for a while."

Even if you have an outdoor pet that doesn't seem to mind the cold, Crow said you still need to make sure there are things in place to keep them warm.

"You have to make sure that they have a lot of hay or bedding that stays dry and that you have a wind buffer so that they have somewhere they can get out of direct wind flow," said Crow.


For more information about how to know if your pet has developed frost bite, click HERE.



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