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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – “The Adventures of Leonard” Facebook page has stolen the hearts of nearly 87,000 people.

The page promotes animal adoptions and shelters across the country through funny pictures of Leonard, a ten-year-old chihuahua rescue who survived cancer.

One month ago, for Leonard’s owner Kathleen Morgan, it all went away.

Kathleen used her personal Facebook as the administrator for the page. She was posting their usual “good night post” to fans when something out of the ordinary happened.

“I got a weird notice that said we were being shut down,” Morgan said. “I didn’t know what it was and then a few minutes later I couldn’t access his page.”

In an instant, the page she had worked five years on, was no longer hers.

Hackers got into her Facebook page, removed her as an administrator, and took over the “Adventures of Leonard” page.

“I was heartbroken,” Morgan said.

The page has raised thousands of dollars for animal shelters across the country and brought awareness to the importance of animal adoptions.

Kathleen says that despite his health condition, the Topeka dog’s personality has encouraged people from all over the world.

“He said that Leonard helped save his life just from us encouraging him to love life and live it every day no matter what. He was from Scotland,” she said.

His owners have dedicated their lives to rescues, having saved ten other chihuahuas from shelters like Helping Hands Humane Society in Topeka.

It’s a passion that they have lived through the page, but hackers are now throwing away.

“I get messages day and night, where’s Leonard,” she said. “They’re posting strange things. Puppies for sale. Everything that we stand for is being ruined.”

But despite the current state of the page, Kathleen believes that this is not the end for “The Adventures of Leonard.

She plans to continue contacting Facebook to regain access to the page.

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