The Kansas lottery is one step closer to implementing vending machine sales of lottery tickets. 

The lottery vending machines should start popping up across the state in 2019.

Last month, Governor Jeff Colyer signed a bill legalizing the machines. 
“We’re very excited about it,” said Kansas Lottery Director Terry Presta. 
Presta explained the machines should generate more money for the state.

“It won’t start off like this, but it could sell $75 to $100 million more. So it could be anywhere from $20 to $30 million to the bottom line to the state of Kansas,” Presta said. 
Under the new law, up to $4 million of the state’s profits from the vending machine sales will go to community mental health services each year. 
Presta said the state plans to buy roughly 500 machines that would be distributed among the more than 1,700 convenience and retail stores already selling lottery tickets. 
“It’ll be more convenient for players and the retailers like them since they have less labor to dispense this way,” said Presta. 
“It’s something I’d have to see, to see how it would go,” said Jeremy Barnwell, the manager at B’well Market in Topeka. 
Barnwell said he hasn’t heard much about the machines but said his customers do enjoy playing the lottery games. 
“The bigger the jackpot the more money it definitely brings in,” he said. 
Last year, the lottery brought in $258 million. $75 million went directly to the state. 

44 other states with lotteries already have the vending machine sales including Missouri, Colorado, and Oklahoma.