HARTFORD (KSNT) – A Lyon County couple is facing 17 counts of animal abuse after 14 wolf-dogs were rescued from a Hartford home.

On May 26, Lyon County deputies and animal control contacted a conservation group as they served orders from the Hartford Municipal Court. The house had complaints of noise and excessive animals at the home. The city only allows up to five pets over the age of six.

According to the CEO of the Guardians of the Wolves Lori Wynn, the scene she walked into that day was one of the most horrific she had ever seen in her years of wolf rescues. Wolf-dogs are a unique breed that are part-domestic dog and part-wolf.

When authorities and the rescue team arrived, the plan was to take all but five animals, but it was determined that the conditions were not safe for any living being. For example, the animals were up to their elbows in sewage in the backyard. Back inside, the scene seemed to be even worse.

“There were animals feces all over the house, the smell was horrendous but there was a specific room where there were two adult animals kept in cages that is just horrific,” Wynn said. “And then from that room, it leads to a bedroom that there were feces all over and blood all over – that room is where we found two puppies. We were told there two other puppies that died, so we assume that’s where the blood came from.”

According to Wynn, at least one puppy was found to be inbred from brother and sister wolf-dogs.

Wynn said the puppies are currently in foster care and are slowly recovering. The adults were extremely malnourished. Many of them were suffering from parvo and heartworm among other diseases. She also believes one was just lost to rabies as of KSNT’s conversation Tuesday.

“Two days before we got there two different SUVs pull up, one loaded. They removed a whole lot of puppies from the property,” Wynn said. “Another SUV came and removed a bunch of the adult dogs. We’re very concerned about it because anybody that would help her is part of the problem here.”

The wolf-dogs were taken to a specialized sanctuary meant for these types of canines, but the location of their new home is kept private for their safety.

“She had threatened that if anyone was coming for her animals, she would kill them,” Wynn said.