Man & fraternity in viral video of KU confrontation both speak out

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LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) – A driver who said he took a wrong turn at a University of Kansas fraternity and its members have differing stories about what led up to a Saturday confrontation caught in a viral video.

Jacob Schooler’s video of a confronation he had with members at the Kappa Sigma Fraternity has been viewed over 200,000 times on Facebook. The Lawrence man took a wrong turn on his way to a friend’s house, he said.

While trying to turn around by the fraternity at KU, a group of members standing outside of the house stood in front of Schooler’s car, blocking him from being able to leave the property. He rolled down his window to ask them to move, and that’s when things began to escalate and someone threw a drink into his car, according to Schooler.

“I was so surprised that this had happened,” Schooler said. “I’ve never experienced someone tossing a drink into my face.”

As he began to record what was happening, a woman who has been identified as the fraternity’s house mom began taunting Schooler.

“You shouldn’t have been here, you weren’t invited,” she said in the video.

KSNT News reached out to the fraternity multiple times for an explanation as to what happened, and they told us they had no comment.

However, the fraternity released a statement on their Twitter page Sunday evening stating that when Schooler arrived on their property he had previously been recording them for an excess of 5 minutes from a neighboring property. The statement says when members confronted Schooler, he “became hostile, used aggressive language, and threatened to run over members.”

The statement continues in saying they have not confirmed someone threw a drink at Schooler, and that if they determine they did, whoever did so will be “held accountable within the chapter.”

KSNT News reached out to Schooler after this statement was released and asked for further comment.

“I was not recording prior to the video I’ve shared, and I did not attempt to run anyone over,” Schooler said in a statement to KSNT News. “I’m disappointed in their response, but I have received an overwhelming amount of support from friends and strangers alike.”

This is not the first time the fraternity has faced controversy. Kappa Sigma has been put on probation and temporarily suspended for sexual assault allegations within the last six years.

University of Kansas Chancellor Douglas Girod issued a cease-and-desist order for Kappa Sigma on Sunday, as well as fraternity Phi Kappa Psi, for allegations of social activities being held over the weekend.

Despite what Schooler said he faced, he hopes those involved will take this as a learning lesson.

“I’m not a big fan of punishment in any way,” Schooler said. “I am a fan of growth and reflection.”

Members of other fraternities at the university were bothered by the video and worried it could lead to a negative stereotype or reputation of all fraternities at the school.

“I think they overreacted and took it way too far. I feel like they really didn’t have to hurl insults, throw beer on the guy,” said Josh Gold, a member of a KU fraternity.

“It just kind of rubbed me the wrong way, and being a member of Greek life and a fraternity that’s really not the way that I’d want guys in a fraternity to act, nonetheless my own,” said Nate Gendler, another member of a KU fraternity.

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