MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Crews in Manhattan will be cleaning up storm debris citywide starting Tuesday, June 21 through Monday, June 27.

The crews will be going through each neighborhood throughout the week and will collect only properly stacked tree limbs and branches that were downed as a result of the June 11 severe storm. The city will only pick up these items if they are at the curb of properties.

“This week, City crews will be clearing stormwater inlets, streets and sidewalks, as well as removing broken and hanging branches in the public right-of-way,” said Rob Ott, Director of Public Works for the City of Manhattan. “As we focus on these high-priority areas, that will give property owners time to gather any storm-related tree debris on private property to the curb by next Tuesday.”

According to the City, residents must follow these steps to ensure their items are picked up:

  • Pile limb and branches on the ground next to the curb so they can be picked up easily.
  • Do not place limbs or branches in the street or too far back in the yard, making them difficult for the loader to reach.
  • Stack branches in a loose pile; don’t use rope or twine to tie them together.
  • Have items on the curb and ready for pickup by 7 a.m. on the scheduled day, according to the cleanup map provided in this release. Crews will pass through each area only once.

The City asks that residents who are able to transport debris themselves bring it to the Riley County Transfer Station to reduce the large workload of the city crews.

City of Manhattan Storm Cleanup Schedule (Photo Courtesy/City of Manhattan)