Manhattan dog breeder listed on the “horrible hundred” for puppy mills and sellers gives her side

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Kelli Nelson from “Got Game Bird Dogs” was listed on the Humane Society of the United State’s 100 problem puppy mills and dog sellers.

Nelson was listed for having inadequate shelter from the heat and cold. Puppies had no water on a hot day and fought to get to the bowl when water was finally provided.

This is the 7th year for publishing the list with the purpose of warning buyers about common problems at puppy mills.

The Humane Society says that after their 2018 report, some of the dealers have closed their doors.

KSNT News reached out to Nelson and received this statement:

This afternoon I have been bombarded by phone calls and texts from friends and owners of our pups, who have been to our kennel, seen us care for our dogs, and see the healthy and well-bred pups we raise.  They are horrified by our name being listed on this article.  It’s amazing how information can be twisted and maimed to the point of minimal if no truth. So yet again, I will be transparent with the public.

Here is how things work:  when you have a certain number of breeding dogs, you need licensure from the Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) to proceed as a kennel. We have been transparent with our kennel.  We work with KDA to ensure we are meeting the high standards they require.  On one of two initial visits, KDA partially noted the corrections listed in this article. They came at 5 PM on a work day, I had to race home from work to meet the 30-minute timeline legislature recently passed. I had lab pups in a pristine, temperature controlled, whelping room. They had drunk their water I had left that morning, which was an amount adequate for the day, and despite being out of water, were not neglected.
Lab pups will eat and drink like wolves in competition with one another at any time, yet since they were left water, but had finished it shortly before we got home, (jug was still wet) we were written up.  So we bought another water jug to attach to the kennel.

The claim of no shelter from weather is completely untrue.  Our kennel has indoor boxes which are well insulated. The runs are covered and protected from the wind.

The claim of inadequate shelter from the heat and cold was adjusted once the KDA facilitator came out with a trainee on a supervised inspection, and agreed we, in fact, did not have to have covers on the openings “dog doors” (that the dogs just chew off) because our kennel building, does in fact, more than allow our dogs to get out of any weather without the doors.

We have passed our recent KDA inspections and also our initial AKC inspection. I’m attaching those documents for your review.

Being placed on this list is devastating to us.  I appreciate the calls and texts from those who know us, supporting us today.  Before a potential buyer purchases a puppy from us, they are invited to come see our kennel, our breeding dogs, and choose their puppy by playing with the pups and choosing, not just by pictures, but by getting to know us, getting to know the personality of the pups, and meeting the parents.  There are puppy mills out there, but it’s not us.  Protect yourself and SEE for yourself who you are buying from.  But please do not take it out on the people who work hard to do things right or all you’ll have left are the mills.

Kelli Nelson (of Got Game Bird Dogs, Manhattan, KS)

Nelson also sent KSNT these pictures of the inspection report.

Five other breeders from Kansas were also listed, if you would like to see the full list, CLICK HERE.

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