MANHATTAN (KSNT) – A local dog park has closed for the second time after a virus impacting dogs was detected.

Vivienne Leyva with Riley County said in a press release that officials will close the Fairmont Dog Park due to a possible parvovirus contamination. Beginning Sept. 19, both the large and small dog enclosures will be closed. The park will reopen at the earliest on Monday, Sept. 25.

The dog park was closed from Aug. 16 to Aug. 21 earlier this year after a pet owner notified the county of a parvovirus diagnosis. The park opened again on Aug. 21.

“We received word today that a dog with canine parvo visited the dog park. It’s a tough disease for dogs and we hope it makes a full recovery. We closed the park to prevent any potential spread of the virus,” said Public Works Director John Ellermann.

Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious viral infection that impacts dogs, especially puppies and other unvaccinated dogs, according to Leyva. The virus can spread through direct contact with an infected dog and contaminated surfaces. The virus can be fatal for some dogs.

Leyva said pet owners are strongly encouraged to keep their dogs away from the Fairmont Dog Park at this time and to follow their veterinarian’s guidance on vaccinations and preventive measures. If you’ve visited the park in the past week with your dog you are advised to monitor your pet for any signs or symptoms of canine parvovirus and reach out to a veterinarian immediately if your dog becomes ill. Symptoms include loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea. Canine parvovirus does not spread to humans.

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