MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Hugo DeJesus is not only dealing with underwater crops, his barn was also damaged in Wednesday night’s storm.

DeJesus and his wife own A & H Farm. They grow crops all year round and some crops they planted just a few weeks ago are now underwater.

“Here we go again… that was my reaction,” DeJesus said. “We just have to take it in stride I guess.”

He is no spring chicken when it comes to farming, so he knows it’s a temperamental business. He can already see the results of the standing water on his crops.

“If we keep on with the weather pattern we have right now, I would say as we stand right now, a good third of it is wasted,” DeJesus said.

He also showed his two barn doors that were ripped off their hinges. As well as the “pivot” that waters the crops. It was broken during severe weather on Mother’s Day weekend. DeJesus is looking on the bright side and hoping the sun comes back out to dry out the standing water.