MANHATTAN (KSNT) – During the winter months we were plagued with a medication shortage that included many common antibiotics.

Now, according to Kellstrom Pharmacist in Manhattan, Milka Goodlett, the antibiotics are nearly entirely back in stock. She says if you’ve had a hard time finding Adderall or other stimulants as of late, that is partly because the United States is one of the largest, if not the largest, markets for these medications. With the demand outpacing the supply, manufacturers are facing an ongoing shortage of raw materials. Luckily, while she says the shortage isn’t quite over, it may be soon enough.

“The Ritalins and the Adderalls that we needed, they’re all coming back slowly,” Goodlett said. “They’re not 100 percent back in stock, but probably about 70 to 80, 85 percent back in stock.”

Goodlett says she believes that shortage will conclude in the next three months.