MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Manhattan residents can get rid of any extra leaves and branches this week.

With temperatures warming in Kansas, it’s time for many people to focus on their lawn care.

Starting Monday, the City of Manhattan will collect brush, limbs, and properly bagged leaves and grass clippings. It is important that loose leaves and clippings go in large paper bags as opposed to plastic trash bags.

A representative for the City wants people to participate, but wants people to be clear on where things should go in order for crews to work efficiently.

“Keep the stuff separate, so they can pile all the limbs and branches in one pile, and it needs to be as close to the curb as possible,” Public Information Officer Andrew Lawson said. “We can’t come on the property, we don’t want it on the roadway either. Just on the edge of the curb line.”

The City will work in phases. This year’s schedule is different from previous years. Lawson recommends looking online to see the order of pickups for each zone because once they pick up from one area, they won’t come back.

For the full schedule, click HERE.