MANHATTAN (KSNT)- No truck, no problem; this week- the city of Manhattan is offering a little help with your spring yard cleaning.

The city of Manhattan’s annual Spring Cleanup is taking place this week. The city offers a unique service to its residents.

This week only, they’ll come and pick up yard waste free of charge. This is a service Manhattan resident Sherry Fleming has been using for 20 years and she says this is a win-win.
“It allows us to, a, get busy and get it cleaned up, but more importantly, we don’t have to try and get transportation to haul it all away and have the manpower to haul it all away either; they provide that for us,” Fleming said.

This year, city crews are starting in the southwest part of town and working their way east. It’s a rush to get everything picked up in just a week.

“Towards the end of spring cleanup, the last few days, is really heavy days and we kind of fall behind a little bit, so we’re gonna try and reverse it this year and get the heavier stuff picked up,” Jeff Davis, Manhattan Street Fleet Superintendent said.

The city of Manhattan is accepting yard debris, tree branches and leaves in paper bags as long as they are next to the curb. While no other materials, like trash, will be collected by the city, garbage collectors are helping in the effort.

Howie’s Trash Service is just one of the five trash companies signed up to help keep the community looking nice.

“Basically anything that you would typically put out at your trash can,” Greg Wilson, Owner of Howie’s Trash Service said. “The things we won’t take are like oil, batteries, tires, things like that that are like hazardous “

Manhattan public works recommend you set out anything you want to be picked up by the city the night before, because the trucks come early. Your trash company will still come by to pick up your trash on your normal day.