MARYSVILLE, KS (KSNT)– Controversy is continuing in Marysville. The Marysville Police Department Chief Todd Ackerman was terminated in early September. No explanation has been given by city officials behind the decision and community members are ouraged.

“We are angry,” Jamie Anderson, Ackerman’s neighbor, said. “We are angry for what is happening to our city. We are angry with how this beloved man who has dedicated his adult life to our city is being treated.”

Dozens of people confronted City Council about the decision to terminate Ackerman during the public hearing portion of the meeting on September 28. They said Ackerman was not made aware of why he was fired.

Ackerman’s wife, Jada Ackerman. spoke briefly about a question she had in regards to the grievance process after a city employee is terminated.

The council members and city attorney, Josh McNish, alluded that Ackerman acknowledged receiving documentation on how to file a grievance, but Jada and community members at the meeting expressed that was not the case.

Residents who spoke up at the meeting talked about Ackerman’s involvement in the community. They said he is always the type of chief to put people first, so now they are fighting for him.

“We are frustrated that policy is not being followed and our government is not being transparent,” Anderson said.

The biggest question that remains is why Ackerman was fired after serving as chief of police in Marysville for 22 years. Many feel a recent ordinance change allowing the city administrator to fire non-elected personnel, like Ackerman, could be the reasoning. Ackerman was fired shortly after the ordinance was passed.

Austin St. John, the city administrator, is refusing to give the public a reasoning behind the decision. Marysville City Council would not comment publicly, but they did discuss holding an executive session with Ackerman to inform him on the decision.