TOPEKA (KSNT) — One resident hosted a massive collectibles farage sale, specifically for comic book fans.

Topeka resident Jake Livgren hosted a unique collectibles garage sale that promises to be a haven for fans of comic books and memorabilia from the past. This event is a dream come true for collectors who have a passion for items like Funko Pops, Star Wars merchandise and Marvel collectibles.

Livgren, the mastermind behind these extraordinary garage sales, scours the internet, attends other garage sales and explores nearby shops in his quest to scavenge as many comics and memorabilia items as possible. His mission is to provide a place where every “comic book geek” can come and find something that holds sentimental value to them.

“I like the hole in the wall, that’s the best kind of place,” Livgren said. His garage sales are not only about the items themselves but also about the atmosphere and sense of community he strives to create. He hopes that collectors can come together, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and share their love for these treasured collectibles.

This unique garage sale offered a space for indulging in the nostalgia of favorite franchises and provides an opportunity to stumble upon hidden gems that might have been forgotten over the years.