TOPEKA (KSNT) – A new food truck is set to open up in the capital city, bringing with it a variety of new flavors catering to people interested in both healthy and not-so-healthy products.

The Urban Farmer Food Truck, easily recognizable with its flowery and nature-inspired design, will open to customers on May 3. It will feature a wide range of healthy, organically farmed foods along with some other items for those who may not be interested in organic items. To get in on some of the things being offered by this new Topeka food truck, you’ll need to head over to its permanent location in front of Noyes Holistic Healing at 5123 SW 29th St.

The converted RV’s co-owners are Topeka natives Austin and Heather Noyes. They have been running the nearby health clinic since 2018. KSNT 27 News spoke with Austin about the opening of the food truck. He says the idea for it came after many conversations over the years with clients who commented they would usually go to a fast food place after an appointment at the clinic.

Austin hopes to fill the gap and meet the hunger of his clientele with the Urban Farmer which will be open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. However, all are welcome at the food truck, not just those looking for some therapeutic massages at Austin and Heather’s clinic.

The full menu for the Urban Farmer, which can be seen below and on Facebook, will have keto specials, gluten-free options, carb-free items along with subs and some off-the-grill meats like ribs, hot dogs and chicken. All of the food on the menu is either grown by Austin and Heather or comes from local farmers.

(Photo Courtesy/Austin Noyes)

Austin, who is a licensed neuromuscular rehabilitation therapist, said he gained a lot of experience with cooking while staying in Colorado before moving back to Topeka.

“I was a chef at a bunch of different restaurants in Colorado,” Austin said. “We’ll have recipes that you just can’t get anywhere else at our truck.”

Austin said the menu for the food truck will be posted to a Facebook account dedicated to the Urban Farmer which has yet to be set up. He will be open to providing catering services for events until October, which is when he plans to close the truck for the year.