Mistakes to avoid on your new year’s diet

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It’s a common New Year’s resolution. 

People want to get in shape, but there are some common mistakes that they often make. 

Lifestyle Nutrition in Topeka said people often cut too many calories, which causes them to lose important nutrition.

You want to make sure you have enough proteins, fats and fiber to maintain a healthy diet.   

“It’s not just losing weight as far as fat tissue, they’re also losing muscle,” said Heather Beckman. “When you lose muscle, you kill your metabolism. You have a hard time maintaining that weight loss.” 

Beckman also suggests breaking down big goals into multiple smaller ones. That way you can continue to celebrate your accomplishments while you work towards the bigger picture. 

Lifestyle Nutrition also said it might be a good idea to get the whole family involved. By making it a household resolution, the whole family is held accountable and it can even be fun. 

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