More women are buying guns, local gun store says

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – It can seem like everything has changed during the coronavirus pandemic, and as it turns out, so have gun sales.

More women are buying guns for the first time, according to local and national sources. Among first-time gun purchasers in the United States, 40% are women, according to the National Sports Shooting Foundation, and that number is even larger among local sales.

Floyd McMillin, owner of The Gun Garage in Topeka, said around 60% of his first-time purchasers are women. However, they are not just buying – they are also taking lots of lessons.

“We’re doing 20, 25 lessons a week just on brand-new shooters, and probably 60-70% of them are women that we’re teaching to have never owned a gun before, from all ages,” McMillin said.

Many of his female customers decided to come in because they weren’t feeling safe, and turned to guns for protection and self defense, McMillin said.

For first-time gun buyers, it’s important to test the gun before purchasing to make sure it is the best fit for you, McMillin recommended.

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