HOLTON (KSNT) – Stormtrack Meteorologists Gabriella Gomez and Ryan Matoush joined KSNT News Anchor Katie Garceran early Wednesday morning to conduct a paranormal investigation with local professionals.

The investigation took place at Hotel Josephine in Holton Kansas just before dawn. Natalie Kreiger and Jaden had been staying at the hotel overnight and had barely gotten any sleep while conducting their analysis of paranormal activity. They have multiple devices and tools to help them pick up on such activity, many of those devices relying on electromagnetic frequencies – or EMF.

Natalie and Jaden invited the KSNT crew out to help them wrap up their investigation as the early morning hours took over at the hotel. Hotel Josephine, named after the daughter of the owner of the hotel, was built in 1889. The building has attracted many ghost and paranormal enthusiasts for years.

After a couple of hours of touring the hotel and attempting to communicate with the spirits, paranormal activity really began to pick up. Live on air, during the 6:30 am newscast, one of the EMF devices picked up on a message:

27″ and “rituals”.

The exact interpretation of that message will be left up to you all, the viewers, but the 27 News team could not believe the ears. Throughout the morning other odd and random words had seemed to pop up:

  • Sinner
  • Throat
  • Do you want to play
  • Christopher
  • Lisa
  • Josephine
  • Stop
  • Gun
  • Heart attack
  • Mother
  • Peaceful
  • Leave

Natalie and Jaden’s company, Darkly Obscured Paranormal Investigations, will be hosting a discussion that is both online and in-person, labeled “Paranormal 101: Exploring the Paranormal and Beyond.” If you are interested in signing up, or hearing about some of their other upcoming events, check out their Facebook page here.