TOPEKA (KSNT) — The Topeka Fire Department is investigating at least two different dumpster fires in the area.

No one was injured and no property was damaged. But Public Information Officer Alan Stahl said there are many ways these fires can be prevented.

The first step is making sure your dumpster is secured and if it can be locked, then go ahead and do so. People need to make sure their dumpsters are in a well-lit area so that no one can hide out around them. Lastly, make sure there isn’t any trash overflowing around the dumpster site.

He also warns people to stop throwing away ashes or any thing like lithium batteries that are highly flammable.

“Anything you leave that is flammable near that dumpster will end up getting heat damage or fire damage of we don’t get there quickly enough,” Stahl said. “So if you can safely move something, I would try to get it away from the dumpsters.”

The Topeka Fire Department is still investigating the cause of the two fires at this time. Stahl says if you see anything suspicious or need to report a fire call 9-1-1 or Crime Stoppers at (785)-234-0007.