ABILENE (KSNT) – Two nationally recognized northeast Kansas restaurants are turning bad circumstances into a win-win situation. After closing for different reasons, they are coming back together and stronger.

The owner of Munson’s Prime Steak is still waiting for answers after an investigation into a fire that destroyed her restaurant has been prolonged. The fire ended a six-year-long journey of feeding farm to table food to the Junction City area. 

“When we started that restaurant we had 6 years ago my comment and goal to everyone was to sometime eventually become a Brookville,” Munson said, referring to the Brookville Hotel and Restaurant. 

Just months before the fire in late February, Brookville owner Mark Martin and his wife announced they would close, falling victim to the economic effects of COVID-19. 

“We’re talking two families that care a lot about the legacy of why they had a restaurant,” Munson said. 

The new restaurant is fittingly called Legacy Kansas. 

“We’re going to try to have the memorabilia from both of our families available for them to look at,” Martin said. 

The Brookville hotel rooms will still be available for viewing on the second floor. In fact, the pair said they’re trying to keep most everything the same. 

The iconic family style chicken dinners will be offered as individual entrees, alongside Munson’s beloved steaks and burgers. The new edition is a country fried steak. 

While the decor will remain as it was, they want to add a 40 foot bar, a bakery and bring back their handmade ice cream machines that were lost in the fire. In a way, the ice cream has brought them full circle. 

“Chuck [Munson] and I have eaten at the Brookville when it was in Brookville several times when we were young and of course then they were serving the homemade ice cream with the recipe that we still use,” Munson said. 

Legacy Kansas is set to open in late June.