Mysterious explosion leaves more questions than answers

Local News

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Investigators are not answering questions after an improvised explosive device went off inside a vehicle at Chalet Apartments, located at Sixth and Gage.

The bomb squad responded to the situation Tuesday evening and officials initially said everything was safe. On Wednesday, they said there was an explosion. We’ve asked the following questions but investigators have not answered out of concern of jeopardizing the investigation:

  • Who set the bomb off? Was it law enforcement or someone else?
  • How did the bomb get in the car? Did it belong to the driver or someone else?
  • Is this a random crime or was it targeted? Is there concern it could happen again?
  • Have you identified any suspects?
  • Who did the car belong to? Someone who lived at the complex?

This is a developing story.

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