Nationwide chlorine shortage affecting backyard pools in Topeka

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – A nationwide chlorine shortage is making it more expensive for Kansans to treat their pools this summer. This is due to a fire last summer that shut down one of the largest chlorine plants in the U.S.

This is affecting the price of “stabilized tabs”, a popular type of chlorine for backyard pools.

Clayton Sherwood is the owner of Swims & Sweeps in Topeka. He said they had to raise the price of the tabs due to the shortage. Sherwood said they are also limiting how much people can purchase because of panic buying.

“If your pool is 10,000 gallons of water, it only takes one of these tabs every 5 to 7 days,” Sherwood said. “If we have a 20 week swim week, which is pretty common in Kansas, you only need 20 of these pucks to get you through. You do not need 200 pounds of chlorine.”

Sherwood said the supply should be back to normal for next summer. In the meantime, he said there are other chlorine alternatives that people can use.

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