New budget proposal to add money across state

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Billions of tax dollars flow into the state government each year and it’s up to the legislature to determine where your money goes.

A pay raise, more money for roads, and returning dollars to state education are just some of things in the budget proposal.

It passed late Saturday night, and it wasn’t an easy task for lawmakers.

“To me it was worth it to try and hold up the budget to hold a debate on Medicaid expansion,” said Lawrence Representative Barbara Ballard.

Democrats and moderate Republicans in the House banded together to delay the vote.

“Did I want the 12 million for regents institutes, yes I did, but it was passing and they got it. Did I want all the issues for social services, especially protected income, yes, and if it was failing I would have voted yes, but it wasn’t,” Ballard said explaining why she voted against the budget.

But now that the budget heads to the governor, and she says she’s pleased with what’s in it.

“Our state employee pay raises were in there which I was very glad to see,” said Governor Laura Kelly.

“You know we’ve obviously funded the schools, that we’ve got more money in for transportation, so they can fulfill some of these promises we’ve been making to some of these communities, so overall I think the budget worked out very well,” Gov. Kelly said.

“Disappointed, yes. We still got a pretty decent budget, by some standards I would say it was a good budget,” said Ballard.

Before the budget can take effect, the governor still needs to sign it.

The new budget includes more than 18 billion dollars with seven billion coming from the state general fund. Fiscal year 2020 begins July 1.

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