TOPEKA (KSNT) — A local couple decided to act on their longtime dream of being business owners by starting one in the Capital City.

David and Jackie Vincent are both natives of Kansas and have always wanted to open their own business, but always thought of it as something they would do closer to retirement. That has now changed as the couple started leasing a property near Washburn University, which is currently known as the Econ-Wash.

They currently own their own coffee cart which they bring to private events and businesses all over the city. The cart is named the “Coffee Circle,” which is what they plan on calling the shop.

The couple has already started planning renovations and has a whole idea for how the shop is going to look. This includes a nice open patio next to the shop that gets nice shade all throughout the day so community members can enjoy time with one another inside or outside.

“If we can provide a space for neighbors to just gather and spend time together, to be proud of their city because they are receiving excellent service and an excellent product, then that’s something we’re gonna be excited about,” said co-owner David Vincent.

Circle Coffee is expected to open sometime next year.