TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Gage Park mini-train is expected to be replaced in the near future with new features and an updated look.

Chance Rides is a manufacturing company based in Wichita that is working on building the new mini-train.

Heidi Knotts, an employee for Chance Rides, said that the new model of the train is an Electric C.P. Huntington. This model is lithium-ion battery powered and features zero emissions, requiring virtually no maintenance which is an amazing feature compared to the current Gage Park train that requires frequent repairs.

Knotts explains that the train takes approximately six months to build and is expected to be delivered in Feb. 2023. The train will have three specific features such as a whistle, bell and “chugga chugga” sounds when the train is in motion. The train color scheme will match the color of the current Gage Park train such as the bold red color that is used on the locomotive part of the train.

“Each Electric C.P. Huntington train is custom built and hand-fabricated for each customer,” said Knotts.

Knotts also said, Chance Rides manufactures about 8-10 custom Electric C.P. Huntington trains each year.

Chance Rides has been manufacturing Electric C.P. Huntington trains since 1961 and has built 415 locomotives and more than 1400 coaches. The Gage Park’s new mini-train will be unit number 419.