New local restaurant revitalizes Mayetta, brings people together

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MAYETTA (KSNT) – People in Mayetta are noticing a spark in the growth of Main street, and a new local eatery is the most recent addition to the growth.

It’s called 1886 located at 108 E Main St.

1886 replaces what was once Ray’s Garage Grill. The menu is based on local, fresh ingredients, while still creating classic, comfort foods. In fact, it now becomes the only restaurant in town, as people travel to Topeka, Denison, or Holton for a restaurant meal.

For owners Bailey and Daniel Parker, sustainability comes naturally. According to Bailey, growing up on a Holstein farm, there was always an abundance of good ice cream, butter, and milk.

“I feel like, over the years, people just lost their touch with food,” Bailey said. “It’s fast convenient and we really don’t care what’s in it.”

You can expect all the beef, chicken, pork, and produce to be local. The recipes come from a lineage of family recipes.

Bailey worked in the service industry since she was a teenager, and knew the vacant building could become something special.

Paying homage to the creation of Mayetta in 1886, the restaurant is fittingly named.

More importantly than good food, the restaurant has become a way to bring people together.

“It’s about getting them back with each other,” Daniel said. “There’s people that came in and sat for hours, catching up haven’t seen each other in years, coming into a restaurant you grew up in.”

The menu includes everything from breakfast foods, to burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

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