MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT)– A local university is making sure renting is easy, safer and local for students.

Collegian Media Group at Kansas State University is launching a new website for rental properties. It’s called MHK Housing. Here’s how it works, people with rental space go to the website and list their property, uploading pictures and details about the available space.

Then, students or anyone looking to rent will be able to look at the apartments or houses in the area without ever going inside, something the creators said will help keep people safe during the pandemic.

“I know a lot of people are taking COVID seriously, as they should be,” Dominique McGlynn said, the advertising assistant manager at Collegian Media Group. “So if they don’t want to tour the apartment complex that is an option on the website as well, to have a virtual housing tour. I think that’s very beneficial…in this time of the year.”

Now each rental property has to pay a fee for their listing. The money they make from the website goes back to students and the campus to help the student organizations run.

“With the recent cuts from the K-State privilege fee to many organizations across campus, it’s that much more important that we find new revenue streams to continue to support Collegian Media Group so that we can continue supporting our student staff,” Daren Lewis said, the advertising advisor.

The website also features a “Guides Tab” where relevant stories from students will be included, living in Manhattan and more to help make a better decision on making decisions on where to live.

Manhattan is not the only area the website will cover. Wamego and Junction City will also be available to help people who are in the military. The website officially launches on Jan. 1. They plan to expand to the Salina K-State campus as well.