New study finds sunscreen is most needed on the face

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Despite our best efforts to protect our faces from the sun, a new study suggests we’re doing it wrong, leaving a vulnerable part of the face exposed.

Dermatologists almost always ask if patients are using sunscreen, but they don’t always ask how they’re using it.

A new study from the United Kingdom finds people tend to neglect their eyelids when using certain sunblocks.

A special UV camera illuminates the problem, showing areas darker where the face is best protected when people used regular sunscreen. When they switched to moisturizers combined with SPF, they eased up on covering their eyelids, an area vulnerable to skin cancer.

Dr. Adam Friedman, of the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, said it is important to ask the patients where they are applying sunscreen. 

It is unclear why people avoided their eyes when using the SPF moisturizers, possibly because the chemical sunscreen ingredients can sting.

Doctors said mineral sunscreens may be a better fit for sensitive eyes.

“The mineral ones, ones that just have zinc or titanium, tend not to burn so much,” Friedman said. 

Doctors said it is important to pay attention to any skin changes on the eyelids, and if you see a new bump or pimple-like lesion, make sure you see a doctor.

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