TOPEKA (KSNT) – A new store opening in downtown Topeka will sell a variety of products related to CBD, Delta 8, Kratom and more.

Earth’s Choice officially opened on March 17 at 729 South Kansas Avenue, and will hold an official ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 20 with the Greater Topeka Partnership. The owner, Shane Roeder, told KSNT 27 News his new business is all about selling great products that people can rely on and trust.

“I’ve been wanting to have a business downtown for years and I’ve been seeing this stuff flourish for a long time in other places, even in gas stations,” Roeder said. “I want people to be able to come here and know the products are safe.”

(Photo Courtesy/Shane Roeder)

Roeder currently runs the business with help from family members. The products at Earth’s Choice include a variety of homemade soaps, honey, sleep and muscle ointments, candles, CBD flour, bath bombs and dog chews. Those products have a THC concentration between 0% to 0.3%. Kratom and Delta-8 products can also be found in the store.

“We’re trying to go with a mother nature kind of feel in the sense that you can resort to the land to give you some peace of mind,” Roeder said.

Most of the items are produced in nearby Colorado and Nebraska, at Joint Organics and Sweetwater Hemp, respectively. Some products come from right here in Kansas, including soaps from Junction City and honey from Berryton.

Roeder said while some of the products in his store haven’t been officially tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, they have been lab-tested by third-party organizations. He said all of the products at his store are considered to be legal at the federal level.

(Photo Courtesy/Shane Roeder)

Roeder said he opened the store to help people with health issues, such as anxiety, by providing another option aside from going to a pharmacy. Furthermore, he wants to make things like CBD and Delta-8 more acceptable among the populace.

“We want to provide an alternative answer for wellness rather than taking Ibuprofen or Tylenol,” Roeder said. “You can take CBD for that kinda stuff, like with back pain, and most people don’t realize that. We’re really excited to help de-stigmatize these products and help those in need.”

To learn more about Earth’s Choice and their products, go to their website here or their Facebook here.

While the products in Roeder’s store are legal, marijuana remains illegal in Kansas and at the federal level. However, recent moves to legalize marijuana in Kansas and in the U.S. House may signal a change for the legality of these items.