TOPEKA (KSNT) – A McDonald’s restaurant in Topeka is being flattened, but a new one is coming in its place.

(KSNT Photo/ Autumn Denham)

Demolition of the 38-year-old Topeka McDonald’s at 29th and California started Monday morning. What will be built in its place, according to Owner and Operator Tom Dobski, is a new 7,000 square foot McDonald’s with a bold, new look. The new eatery will feature self-ordering kiosks and a more “modern adult-themed and classy look.”

“The new restaurant will have the latest and greatest equipment, including a double kitchen with plenty of capacity,” said Dobski.

In addition, the store will have a new bigger side-by-side double drive-thru and outdoor digital menu boards.

“Another feature that we are excited about is that we are flipping the building, meaning the new entrance will now face to the east towards the current Dillon’s Supermarket, resulting in a much safer and more efficient traffic flow for our customers as well,” Dobski said.

Dobski said the restaurant has a goal of hiring 40 new employees, including managers for the new building. Current employees are being sent to one of the other eight McDonald’s restaurants in Topeka.

There is no word yet on when the new McDonald’s will be completed.