TOPEKA (KSNT) – Jury deliberation in the retrial of Dana Chandler resumed on Monday but there is still no verdict.

The morning began with a two-hour read-back of the testimonies from Chandler’s daughter, Hailey Seele, and one of Chandler’s friends, Ann Hammer. Hammer testified that Chandler called her after the killings and told her not to worry, that the police couldn’t prove she killed anyone. Seele testified that Chandler was harassing and stalking her father during the divorce.

In 2002, Chandler was accused of killing her husband, Mike Sisco, and his fiancé, Karen Harkness. Both were found dead in their home after being shot multiple times while in bed.

Chandler was convicted in 2012 and was given a 100-year sentence, but that conviction was overturned by the Kansas Supreme Court four years ago. The lead prosecutor at the time, Jaqueline Spradling, made a false claim in the original trial which has since led to her being disbarred and paved the way for the Chandler retrial.