Non-invasive depression treatment helps locals in Manhattan

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Helping people with depression and suicidal thoughts is a personal priority for the Mathis family, who owns Katie’s Way, a mental health care facility in Manhattan, Kansas. 

“My middle daughter (Katie) also suffered from anxiety and depression. She went to KU, was a division one athlete, and made good grades. I didn’t realize the extent to which she was struggling, in part because I was trying to find help myself. And then we lost her,” Jeff Mathis, the owner of Katie’s Way said.  

Today suicide rates are increasing and the need for more depression treatment options is great. 

“In Kansas, apparently we don’t do as nearly good of a job, because our suicide rate is 18 per 100,00. If you take a closer look, just within the 60-mile radius of Manhattan, we’re off the charts bad. Junction City has a 28 per 100,000 (suicide) rate,” Mathis remarked.  

More people are turning to anti-depression medication every year. But now Katie’s Way is offering a non-invasive, brain stimulation treatment called Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS, to treat patients with depression. 

“We have a machine that is called Deep TMS, because it has a deeper penetration into the brain that uses magnetic field technologies, similar to what would be used in a MRI. But instead of creating images, it’s used to increase cellular activity in the parts of the brain that need to be helped,” explains Dr. Taylor Porter, the Medical Director at Katie’s Way.

Katie’s Way treats patients 18 years and older with TMS treatment. Dr. Porter says there’s a 70 percent chance of TMS being effective after thirty-six treatments, with virtually no side effects. 

“The coil of magnets are coordinated to aim and focus on that area through magnetic activity, is able to increase cellular activity and nerve transmission in that area, and that’s how it appears to work,” Porter said. 

It’s a breakthrough treatment, the Mathis family and Katie’s Way hopes will make a big difference. 

“This is the best, newest technology I could find that can put a dent in things. If you just look at our 60-mile radius (in Manhattan) we are three times the national average suicide rate, as compared to the rest of the United States. Somebody’s got to do something,” Mathis said.  

Porter says TMS is only available through insurance for people who have already used other depression treatments that haven’t worked. 

For more information on TMS and the services Katie’s Way has to offer, call 785-320-2908 or visit

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