Officials weigh in on how to prep for basement flooding, safety tips

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Forecasts show that flooding is once again going to be a concern for at least the next couple of days. 

The ground is saturated and some waterways have already swelled up from recent rains, but more rounds of showers and storms on the way could easily renew the threat for flooding. 

With the rainy forecast ahead, the water has to go somewhere and it can end up in your basement.

“If we have the storms and they get bad enough we could lose power,” said Jim Green, Topeka’s emergency management coordinator. “If we lose power, most of these sump pumps are connected to electricity. We’re asking them either have a generator ready or a backup pump handy.” 

Green is speaking from personal experience. He bought a backup pump with its own battery just to be safe on Saturday. 

“Making sure your sump pump if you do have one is in good working order,” said Errin Mahan, of Shawnee County Emergency Management. “You may consider if you do have a furnished basement, or things on the floor in the basement, to move your furniture to higher elevation…making sure you’re able to recover from that whether it be through insurance or reconstruction of whatever might be damaged.” 

Green suggests always keeping yourself in the loop about weather conditions to keep your loved ones safe. 

“Television, radio, social media, just understand where we are during a storm,” said Green.

Shawnee County Emergency Management recommends having an evacuation kit ready with clothes, medicines, water and a way for loved ones to contact you in the event of an emergency. 

“We also are checking those daily and nightly,” said Green. “We don’t get a lot of sleep during this time of year but that’s what we’re getting paid for, to make sure people are safe.” 

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