TOPEKA (KSNT) – Fans of the Oleander Cafe will have to look on the other side of town from now on.

27 News spoke with Zach Stanek, owner of the Oleander Cafe, about his recent decision to move out of his old spot at the Topeka Vendors Market to the west side of town. For Stanek, the decision wasn’t an easy one.

“We had a cafe area in the front lobby area,” Stanek said. “I did that for about a year-and-a-half and I had a lot of fun there. Met a lot of people there.”

Stanek explained that limited hours at the market and the need for more flexibility were some of the driving forces behind his decision to move. However, the move also marks a change in the focus of the cafe as it is now more concerned with providing catering services to its customers. The Oleander Cafe will be providing more pop-up dining experiences and small get-togethers for its clientele, according to Stanek.

“I’d like to start off with this smaller space for people to gather,” Stanek said. “I think there’s a good opportunity to offer a unique experience for people. We’re working through it as we go.”

Stanek said the Oleander Cafe will be providing only catering services for the time being as work is finished up at their new location, located at 714 Southwest Gage Blvd. He said that it may be ready for customers around the end of March. You can also find Stanek in different parts of town operating his food truck once warmer weather arrives.

To learn more about the Oleander Cafe and see its menu, go to its Facebook or give it a call at 785-380-6785.